Why We Write

We write to define who we are. And trust me, it is a question you will ask yourself for the rest of your life, almost everyday, consciously or subconsciously. We write to work out all the kinks, connections and crinkles that have been imparted on us by the world, government, lovers, best friends, enemies, parents, nature. You see through writing, we search for certain truths. And one thing about truth is, although you are constantly searching for it, in that search you discover yourself, which is another gift of writing. Discovering yourself might sound the same as defining yourself, but trust me, it’s so much better. Through writing you meet the side of you that is indulgent, creative, reckless, poetic and wise. And that could be all in one page.

We write for ownership. Your words and thoughts are your identity. It is the beautiful nuances of the mind and your observation in accord that make up the beauty of you, life and the power of choice. Everyone has a voice, and while most are commonly overlooked and misused, you must understand that what you have to say is important. You might write for years, awkward sentences and timid statements, but one day your mind will release, you will close your eyes and the words will hit the page like heavy rain on a steel roof. You will find your symphony, the inner music, the stunning lyrics, where what you are doing and who you want to be shake hands. And at this moment you will never ask yourself again, why we write, but today the reason are endless.

Writing is a personal obligation where we get the chance to understand our self. We write for therapy. When there is no where to turn and blank responses just make you feel more isolated, the crispness of an empty page, waiting to listen, can be the sweetness comfort. We write for freedom of choice. Yes, the world is fucked up. And there’s a truth that no one is searching for, but in recognizing the shortcomings of society we can choose to see the beautiful destruction and the sad romance of the rhythm of language. It can take us down avenues that your or my zip code, social conduct or salary range wouldn’t normally allow.

So when you ask, why we write. I will tell you. We write to define who we are. We write to sort out the mazes of relationships, words and the cadence of chaos. We write to discover our self. We write for ownership, to take credit for our thoughts. We write to find our voice, our music, our heartbeat. We write because we have to. We write for therapy. We write because for once, we get the chance to decide. We write because words are the glue that are holding all of us together.