The Boat of My Body

He tugged at my skirt. Said: vessel.
He hoisted me down. Yelled: voyage.

Yes, I am boat. Was born
half forest. Still think about that axe.

I want to smell like mahogany again.
I want all these hands out of my cabin.

Not to mention the oars,
forced down the mouths
of rivers or-

Noah was the first.

He said: Here is everything
left of this world.

Carry it for me. Your belly speaks.

A soft, wet float.


Selected Poems



"How the Body is Passed Down" published in the Los Angeles Review

"We Know Monsters by their Teeth" published in Nashville Review

“Closer” published in Glass

"What the Neighbors Saw" published in Muzzle

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“Small Things” publish in the Rise Up Review

“My Father Tells me Pelicans Blind Themselves” published in Up the Staircase Quarterly

"Lost at Sea" published in DIAGRAM

“Femininity as a Math Problem in an Attempt to Solve for X” published in Four Way Review

“Where No One Says Eating Disorder” published in Diode

“Boat/Body” published in Diode

“At the Bar My Friend Talks of Bodies” published in the Penn Review

“When the War Comes” published in Juked

“Omid Tells Me I’ve Been Looking Less Puffy” published in Construction

“My Father Named the Boat Romance” published in Construction

"Life/Boat" published in the American Literary Review

"Bees with No God" publishing in Sixth Finch

"The Boat of My Body" published in Spry

"How My Mother (Almost) Died" published in Cultural Weekly

"I am No White Dress" published in decomP

"There is No Metaphor for My Mouth" published in PANK

"How the Dollhouse Was Built"  published in Impakter


“Omid Tells Me You’ve been Looking Less Puffy nominated for Best of the Net from Construction Mag

"The Many Mouths of War" named a semifinalist for Button Poetry's Chapbook Contest

"Femininity as a Math Problem in Attempt to Solve for X" named Finalist for the Rita Dove Poetry Award

"When the War Comes" named Runner-Up in the Beyond Baroque Contest

"Boat/Body," "Life/Boat" and "Half-Masted" were triple-finalist for the American Literary Review Poetry Award

"And The Women Said" published in Rattle (Winner of Neil Postman Award for Metaphor nominated for 2016 Pushcart Prize)

"The Most Bones" was nominated for the a Best of the Net Award by the Boiler Journal

"The Polite Bird of Story" won second place in the Jack Grapes Poetry Prize

"The Politics of Scent" published in Crab Creek Review (semi-finalist for Crab Creek Poetry Prize) 

"How to Eat A Mango in July" Winner of the Los Angeles Poets Society Summer Contest


“Burn the Boats” published in Bayou